Yulia Fedetska

Yulia Fedetska is a Ukrainian representation at Parisfashion 2019.
Her colorful, feminine designs are dedicated to selfconfident women
of all age. Through her designs she encourages women to show some
skin in classy yet sassy way. YF collections bring summer in the middle
of winter. Yulia Fedetska is queen of color.

Yulia Fedetska on facebook

Agnès Wuyam

Agnès Wuyam is a brand created by Polish designer Agnieszka
Samulska-Wuyam who lives and creates in Toulouse in France.
This read-to-wear collections bring feminine, sensual vibe.
Progressivness, minimalism, sport-chic and elegance are the guidlines
for Agnieszka’s designs.

Agnès Wuyam website

Agnès Wuyam on facebook

Iwona Bielawska

Together with Agnès Wuyam collection we’ll see line of bags designed
by Polish creator Iwona Bielawska. Texture, color and shape matters most
in bags line by Iwona Bielawska. Her mission is to created ‘the perfect bag’,
her goal is to make life easier thatk’s to very functional designs.

Etno Glamour by Silvana

Serbian representation at Parisfashion event: Silvana Tosic
and her breathtaking brand Etno Glamour by Silvana.
Her collections are magical combination of Serbian folklore
and modern elegance. The designs are decorated with colorful,
timeless patterns. With her collection of festive dresses,
the designer has shown that Etno style can be still glamorous.

Etno Glamour by Silvana on facebook

Mo.Ya fashion

MO.YA fashion an excellent interpretation of feminine glamour.
It is a brand created by Polish designer Barbara Piekut.
Each collection consists of very few silhouettes what makes
it special and unique. Each design is produced of finests fabrics
imported from all over the world. It’s a fashion for confident
and feminine women.

Mo.Ya fashion website

Mo.Ya fashion on facebook


COLORAT is a Polish family brand that finds clothing and fashion
an integral part of our colorful world. Their designs combine beauty, functionality and comfort.
Colorat is charisma, originality, freedom and authenticity.
Brand’s collections are designed for creative and strong recipients.
The designers of Colorat believe that fashion you wear co-creates you
and your unique style.

Colorat website

Colorat on facebook

Lulu de Paluza

Lulu de Paluza is the luxury brand that brings to the market
designs for bold and confident women, unique shapes
made out of most luxurious fabrics.
Their collections are designed mainly by Katarzyna Wysocka,
Polish designer and creative director of the brand.


KAYA by KARO, a brand created by Karolina Ratyńska
is still a fresh fashion concept which combines the appreciation
of a woman’s figure with the art of design.
Designer’s main inspiration is woman herself and her designs
fit perfectly the style of bold women loving extravagance.

KAYA by KARO website

KAYA by KARO on facebook

Dominiak Design

Dominiak Design is a brand creating bridal and evening gowns
designed by Elżbieta Dominiak, a Polish designer.
Brand’s designs have one significat purpose: to celebrate unique
moments in woman’s life. Therefore the designer focuses on subject
of beauty and makes sure that whoever wears her gowns becomes unquestionable centre of attention of the night.

Dominiak Design website

Dominiak Design on facebook

Basia Olearka

Basia Olearka is a brand that focuses on tasteful, stylish individuality.
Each design, made by Polish designer Barbara Olearka is made with
her passion and love for fashion.
She focuses on detailed shapes and structures, which make her designs
stand out. Their collections are fashion fusion.

Basia Olearka website

Basia Olearka on facebook


K.Paluch is a Polish brand that designs and produces wooden bags,
all 100% handmade and produces from fully natural materials.
Their high quality products, which are basicaly art pieces reached finals
of Independent Handbag Awards in New York.
Their designs we’ll see during Basia Olearka show.

K.Paluch on facebook

Tiger bite.

Tiger bite. is not just another jewelry brand. It’s an expression of robust
creativity because for the brand designer it’s not the jewelry piece itself
that matters; rather than what it makes you feel when you wear it.
Jewelry is a statement of power, boldness and dynamism to other women.

Tiger bite. website

Tiger bite. on facebook

Alessandro Franza

Alessandro Franza is a new fashion start up brand from Berlin, Germany.
The label stands for feminine, sophisticated prêt-à-porter clothes
for strong, independent women.
At Parisfashion Alessandro Franza will present newest collection:
Trottoir à Paris.

Alessandro Franza on facebook

Stella Angel

Elegance, extravagance and at the same time sex appeal stands for
Stella Angel fashion.
Brand’s designer Stella Angel was into fashion from very realy age.
Her designs are influenced by years of spent in beautiful Italy,
where she learned from greatest designers.

Stella Angel website

Stella Angel on facebook

Ekateryna Savchenko

Kateryna Savchenko presents through her designs elegance, grace, charm
and smooth waistlines. These are unquestionable source of inspiration
for the designer. In creating a her brand Ekateryna Savchenko the designer
was inspired by the beauty of women. The image of a lady associated
with a brand evokes the independent, happy, cheerful, clever woman,
who is fashion conscious whilst seeking to be original.

Martin Appelt

Martin Appelt will be one of the youngest designers presenting his
magnificant collection at Parisfashion catwalk.
This very talented absolvent of Akademie Mode & Design will bring
to Paris his fresh, extravagant MACHO collection, that questions
traditional house roles in funny, vibrat way only fashion can do.

Barbara Cały

Knit pieces are building extraordinary collection designed by Polish designer Barbara Cały. Her collections are always inspired by the beauty
of Warmia & Mazury region of Poland. On top of knitting she uses also
recicled resources and fabrics in her designs.
Her designs are created for bold, selfaware women who aren’t afraid to
stand out, and most importantly who love nature!

The brand has been signed as Warmia Mazury Product,

Barbara Cały on facebook


Rockmädchen – exciting and timeless collections designed by Marion Roscher.
Her designs are created always with leading motto for each collection –
that’s her way to reach out to modern woman. Each collection is made
with love, care and pure passion.

Rockmädchen website

Rockmädchen on facebook

Amsterdam Fashion Academy

Unleash your potential far from the madding crowd!
Amsterdam Fashion Academy teached design in unique way, far from craziness, remembering what fashion really is about. Their educational
vision focuses on those students who do not feel at home in regular ‘mass’ education – this results in extraordinary designs which we will be pleased
to see during Parisfashion, as Amsterdam Fashion Academy will present
a selection of creations made by their students.

AFA website

AFA on facebook

Beauty and The Beast

Piękna i Bestia

Parisfashion loves and supports women – always, with no exeptions.
That is why during the first edition of the event we will be celebrating
the strenght and beauty of women who fight with breast cancer,
together with amazing project ‘Beauty and the Beast / Piękna i Bestia’
created by photographer Monika Wieja-Baczyńska in cooperation with Agnieszka Latynska.
Women fighting with breast cancer, on top of all consequences
of the illness, lose confidence, while still being pushed by society to stay
in their role of: mothers, wives, lovers, often without compassion and full understanding. So that’s why this project exists – to help women win their confidence back and to build for them support group in which they
will be able to share laughs, joy and all difficulties with full understanding.
As the 4th part of the project the heroines will walk down the catwalk
in designer dresses.

The project on facebook